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Timber Works

As we are undergoing wholesale business with directly imported foreign trees of fine quality. Especially, the things need for construction purpose are Teak, Padauk, Saal and Songu. These are the things we sold out abundantly. We import Teak tree from various countries, according to that quality.
Almighty Doors has assigned chief six distributors as the sales and stock maintainance. They are located in,
Many engineers and contractors are our regular customer due to consideration of wholesale rates as for retail sales also.

“Quality is our one and only Intention.”     " தரம் ஒன்றே எங்களது நோக்கம் "

“Good quality leads to valuable savings”     " நல்ல தரம் அதிக சேமிப்பை தரும். "

It's our motto. So we sell only quality things. Owing to this customer's were increasing rapidly. We consider our customers are the best sales ambassadors for our company.

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